9/10There is a haunting contemplative wonder in all of Copeland‘s music, dating back to their rough around the edges debut, to the stunning masterpiece You Are My Sunshine they released in 2008. Eat, Sleep, Repeat is a middle ground between Copeland’s indie softness and somber reflections to their sweeping grand statements of beautiful aplomb.

The album also has a lot of different sounds attempted in its 45 minutes. I’m Safer on an Airplane is a retrospective of quiet forethought; a single keyboard propels the song with Copeland’s knack for soft-mannered texture. Love Affair is a stunningly pretty ballad, a gorgeous reflective melody made vastly superior because of its lyrical content that is dense without being alienating. the band even attempts further atmosphere with a saxophone rendition and laid-back lounge style arrangement.

There is an off-rhythm aspect of Copeland’s music in general, and you can hear it play along on Eat, Sleep, Repeat. It is often in the percussion itself, such as the title track from the album. Listen to Careful Now with a careful ear, and you will pick up on the idiosyncratic drumwork that has become a leading attribute to their material (and one that take to grand new heights on 2008′s You Are My Sunshine).

Of course, Copeland is a group of accomplished musicians, and they provide some rather down to Earth compositions, such as the accessible pop landmark Control Freak. The song is probably the most immediately engaging on the release, with a quaint aptitude and clarity that is captivating to a listener. The song erupts towards the end with subtle strings and some astonishing work on the guitar. Copeland is one of those groups where the frontman, Aaron Marsh, does not overwhelm the band or take anything away from them. it is the instrumentation on a technical level that entrances way. But it is the way Copeland takes inherently complex song dynamics and styles in a very gloriously elegant way.

Copeland makes beautiful music for people with an ear for that sort of thing. Their penchant for sense and sensibility is present in every orifice of their sound. They have a knack for atmosphere and texture, and this is not just name dropped jargon. The songs propel forward with their ‘main’ construction, and then are accented along the way with various noises and subtler nuances that bring a liveliness to the material. All music is art- sort of. But you have to see the members of Copeland as legitimate artists, a daring display of musical virtuosity not often seen in modern alternative band’s repertoire.