I wish I could boast and say that I knew about The Room back in 2003. I was a decade late to the initial weekend screenings, where a reported 1,450 people in the country saw the film in all its amazingness and directly provided the hero of the whole project, Tommy Wisseu, with about $1,800.

The rumors and contradictions and absurdities in The Room make room for their own movie. The Disaster Artist could be one of the best films on filmmaking ever, and that the fact that it’s bucking off the story of The Room is inconsequential. It’s a phenomenal character story.

Oh, so the Room. Yes, The Room! What could be said about this turd that hasn’t already been said? Put shortly, The Room features a man by the name of Johnny who may have emigrated from Romania to San Francisco. He loves football but doesn’t know how to play. He has befriended a few awkward San Franciscans who range from inept to rapey to underage to incredibly confused.

The one who isn’t confused is Johnny, who is pictured as a hero to the small population of creepy friends and neighborshop acquaintances, who greatly admire Johnny and even let him pet their pug.

The film is a day in the life of a true American hero, while his friends screw him over and his girlfriend inexplicably and shockingly pretends she is having a baby while emotionally abusing him because, and I quote, “she wants to mess with him.”

I could quote a lot more, but I don’t want to take the wind out of The Room’s, um, eccentricities. In all, few viewing “experiences” are as fun. The story behind the creation of The Room only complements the film. A guy came from Romania (maybe) with a few million dollars and the passion and drive to make an American soap drama. Unfortunately, he speaks bad English and is likely an egomaniac who encouraged his actors to speak incomprehensible lines through the power of money.

The Room is a baffling turd, considered one of the worst movies ever made. But, it isn’t. And that may be the most perplexing part of it all. The film’s baffling reality is so poignant that it makes for a film that could be watched many times over, and that’s more you can say about good movies. What is it about The Room? The Room is evidence to support the existence of aliens or, more specifically, an alien. How something could exist as baffling as The Room is more compelling than whether aliens are real. Well, I know one, and his name is Tommy, and he made a movie. And it’s the greatest film ever made.