Is it real or is it fake? By the end of the film, I think the answer will be rather obvious. But, that does not take away from the silly fun of the whole thing, and the generally unsettling moments that make this documentary an effective piece of…something.

A husband and wife stay at a house that they suspect is haunted. The reason? The husband (who goes unnamed in the film, as far as I can recall) is attempting to make a legitimate ghost documentary film because he is fascinated by the subject. He chronicles his exploits without any seeming influence from anyone else but his own intrigue.

At an hour length, the film is hardly a full feature. Yet, that adds to its mystique. The Blackwell Ghost layers modest mysteries to an uncomfortable conclusion. The debate over whether it is real has a pretty conclusive answer, but it is still fun to consider the story on its own merits, and to see it as an effective unsettling movie or a wonderful documentary. Either or, the result is the same.