Want CultureTease to write a piece on your new album? Want to reach out or say thank you, or hire this dazzling and wonderfully handsome writer (a big asset in the industry)? Contact me at

If you want a piece written on the website about your work, please title the email “MUSIC SUBMISSION.” We do NOT require artists to send actual music files in the email, but we do need to listen to the music (a link would be just fine if you have it) A nice web presence is always nice. We do not charge any artist for work we write on them, but we do encourage artists to share the link through their respective website and social feeds.

Other food for thought. Do not spam us, please. We got a lot of emails every day and every week. Some music is awful. Some we just do not get to. We will try our best to reply to every email.

Thank you for making the art that you do. It’s important to indulge in art, express a uniqueness, and be the amazing person you are. Always remember, your life is never plotted- it is constantly evolving and changing and at the end, it is a long series of small moments with bursts of remarkable greatness.



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