Say Anything “I Don’t Think It Is” Review

Back in 2012, Say Anything’s infamous frontman, Max Bemis, said the band was going to put out a punk album. That album (Anarchy, My Dear) ended up being about as pop-oriented as a Katy Perry single. Barring an amazing track or two, the record was a disaster. But, there were was a lesson learned in this moment, and maybe even a second. The term”punk” may … Continue reading Say Anything “I Don’t Think It Is” Review


Kanye West “The Life of Pablo” Review

I have repeated the following basic concept in a variety of musical circles, and I typically stand by it. If Hitler released a great album, I would listen to it. The basic presumption is that the music is separate from the artist. And though a great artist (as a person) can elevate the music, and a bad artist can diminish the music, it’s really marginal- … Continue reading Kanye West “The Life of Pablo” Review


David Bowie “Blackstar” Review

Blackstar will go down as potentially one of the most heroic and sincere albums in David Bowie’s entire career. He has spent decades spawning innumerable alter egos, toying with the conventions of sexuality and being anything but transparent. Something happened, between the years of 2001 (upon the release of 2001’s Reality) and 2010 (where he began working on The Next Day), that propulsed Bowie to … Continue reading David Bowie “Blackstar” Review