a little piece of everything


Hi there and welcome.

Culturetease is a website (if you can tell) that covers a lot of different topics. This is because I (Ryan, that’s me) love to write about a lot of things. I actually write every single day as a freelancer and have just over 5 million words to my name somewhere in the ether. Yes, this is true. I know. it’s insane.

Anyway, this has allowed me to develop a little knowledge about a lot of things, which I hope to carry on this truly terrible website. I hope these are more than conventional reviews. I want to try to say something new to the world without regurgitating the same nonsense. Everything I review I gave a fair chance. I am not interested in getting reviews up early for some kind of clickbait. I am not interested in writing about stuff I don’t care about in an effort to slowly erode my soul.

I hope you can join me in the joy of stuff.

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