Indie Spotlight: Justin Levinson

Justin Levinson isn’t particularly a household name, but with his electric mix of hearth throbbing-infused aesthetics and country-tinged balladry, he would be right at home in a climate of top 40 melodic guitar rock. Justin Levinson is a few albums deep, and has just recently released his new record, This Side of Me, This Side of You, alongside his backing group, The Valcours. The album features ten new … Continue reading Indie Spotlight: Justin Levinson


Indie Spotlight: Paper Ceilings

The great thing about music is that there was, and always will be (until the inevitable Apocalypse) something for everyone. It’s a cliché, sure. Even the nuttiest most eclectic arguably ridiculous taste in music can find comfort in the presence of experimental comedy jazz or violin metal. The likes of popular comedy rock can be summed up with “Tenacious D,” for the vast majority of … Continue reading Indie Spotlight: Paper Ceilings


Indie Spotlight: One Hour Naps

There is something comfortably cozy about the group One Hour Naps. Well firstly, they are literally titled from the concept of taking a deserving sleep break in the middle of the day. Sonically, the band illuminates the room with a heartwarming and, well, cozy sound of pop-folk tropes and jangly acoustic ditties. You can hear a whole mess of diversity and brazen escapades in their working … Continue reading Indie Spotlight: One Hour Naps